React Native Heroes

Welcome to React Native Heroes 2023!

React Native Heroes, 16 June, Turin, is a stand alone event to focus on new developments, applications and opportunities using the React Native framework.

The speakers at React Native Heroes are a critical part in building a high energy event and encouraging discussions in the most important and interesting areas of React Native. Please submit a paper if you have a new, exciting point of view or experience to share, if you want to actively collaborate on best practices, and if you're a fun personality that should be in front of the awesome React Native Heroes audience.

For more information, please see our "Why be a speaker" page.

Please note, all presentations are live, in person, in Turin Italy. (Funding is available to assist with travel.)

Please share information about React Native Heroes call for papers with your network - we want to reach deep within the community and build a diverse program that benefits all React Native developers.

About the Organiser
React Native Heroes is organised by Synesthesia Events, the event production and organisation division of Synesthesia, a 10+ year software house in Turin, Italy.
Since 2014 Synesthesia Events have been delivering high quality, customised events experiences. The Synesthesia Events portfolio includes both in-house events and client events. Always aiming to provide the most successful solution for the client and the event audience, Synesthesia Events have the flexibility to create in-person, online and hybrid events solutions.

Francesco Ronchi, President and Founder, Synesthesia
"At Synesthesia we've been using React Native for many years and I think this very mature and complete platform. I believe it’s important to share best practices so that we can really exploit this platform to the best of its ability and deliver some incredible work, together. Our team has always enjoyed working with React Native and we are excited that we're launching React Native Heroes because I think there is so much potential in the platform and this will be a great chance to discuss and share how to really leverage this incredible tool.
React Native Heroes really rounds out our established event portfolio. I can now honestly say that we are covering the most important platforms and tools that matter to developers today."

Over the years we have gathered feedback from professionals that have given presentations at our events, here is a sample:
Speakers, Flutter Heroes
"Flutter Heroes was amazing, the organisation was great, there were a lot of amazing speakers and I was glad to be involved." Guillaume Bernos Flutter Tech Lead, Bamdottech
"Right from the start, the organisation showed high degree of professionalism, which culminated in the amazing event. For sure I want to have the honour of being a speaker at a future event and enjoy again an outstanding experience!" Gonçalo Palma GDE for Flutter and Dart, CTO, Plim

Speakers, Swift Heroes
"As always there's a lot of interesting talks here. There are a lot of interesting people that I've met and I highly encourage you to join us next year." Krzysztof Zabłocki Principal Swift Engineer, The Browser Company
"Amazing Synesthesia crew, wonderful crowd, awesome organization and the wonderful vibes of Turin." Shai Mishali Senior iOS Tech Lead, Mondaydotcom

Speakers, droidcon Italy
"I would like to thank organisers and everybody involved for this amazing event. Especially the speaker gift as a donation was a brilliant idea. I would like to be part of droidcon Italy next year again." Muhammed Salih Güler, Android and Flutter Developer, OneFootball
"droidcon Italy is a top-tier Android conference. It has high quality material for all engineers of any skill level." Gabriel Peal, Software Engineer, Tonal